Here are a few success stories from some of our dedicated clients, past and present.
Get inspired and let us, help you, create your own success story!

I just finished my 12th week of Personal Training and not only can i say that I've lost nearly 10kgs and hit my goal weight, but I've gained tonnes of muscle definition, increased my endurance and adapted to a healthier lifestyle! I am the happiest I've ever been and I am not stopping here! Now i don't want to be one of those "fitness preachers" but if anyone is looking for a specialised program, endless support and motivation, then I could not recommend Studio One enough!

- Shelbi Selmes

I have been training with Michael and Anthony at Studio One for Two years. The individual program Michael has been following is challenging, interesting and has helped me to become fitter and stronger than I have been for years. I thoroughly recommend the team at Studio One.

- Rick McVicar

Michael and the team at Studio One embody change; through consistent and positive feedback and encouragement, my attitude to training and fitness changed. I achieved some personal goals that were becoming a challenge, but with the passion shown to me, I beat them. In a very pleasant and fun environment, I kept coming back. 

- Mark Redding

I have been going to Studio One for years and so my needs have changed significantly over time. No matter what I need, or what my goals are, or my newest injury; Studio One have worked with me and for me! I actually have fun too if you can associate exercise with that concept! 

- Cath Hart

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It's not often in life you can partner with a business that genuinely cares about their customers, in fact being a member of Studio One is more like being a family member, than a client. 
Michael and Anthony always go above and beyond, everyday, to help meet and exceed your health goals. They take the time to listen, engage and tailor a plan that suits you - your lifestyle, your timeframe and show you that they are 100% a partner in your health journey. 
When it comes to your health, shouldn't you want the best from a team that genuinely cares? Studio One is that team!

- Gavin Allen

After a health scare I was determined to get fit and lose weight. I tried a number of gyms before finding Studio One. It was the right gym for me! Having completed numerous 10km runs and 2 half marathons, I have, time after time, achieved my goal. 

- Sue Trezona

I've been training at studio one for about 5 years. It's great to have your exercise tailored to suit you and not just be following a generic program. Theres always someone there to watch your progress and modify what you are doing when necessary. The gym has a great atmosphere too. My fitness has improved heaps over the last five years with Michael and Anthony overseeing my training. 

- Bev Jones

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